Shadowcrest HOA in the Woodcreek Area of College Station
Welcome to Shadowcrest On-Line
Our Association Board's Purpose is to protect your property value
An Architectural Committee reviews all property alterations.
Your Dues support maintenance of our Pool and Common areas
College Station, Texas
Architectural changes
or additions to
properties in our
Association require
approval by the Arch.  
Review Committee.
Print the form
to get started.  Get your
project approved in
writing for your own
protection going forward.
Our Management Co.
Admail Assoc Services
427 Dellwood St.
Bryan, TX  
979 -779-7788
Shadowcrest is in the
College Station Police
Department's Sector C,
Beat 70, supervised by
Sgt. Kyle Patterson
(979) 764-6232
The city is divided into three sectors, with each sector under the command of a Police
Lieutenant. The sectors are divided into beats with a total of eight beats. A Patrol
Sergeant is assigned to each beat. The Sergeant has primary responsibility for quality of
life and crime issues affecting their assigned beats. Patrol Officers are assigned to beats
for periods of not less than one year so that they can become familiar with their area of

Any issue affecting a particular sector or beat can be brought to the appropriate
supervisor for attention. A picture of the Beat Sergeant and Sector Lieutenant are located
within the beat links to provide a face and name to the supervisor responsible for that

The College Station Police Department can be most effective when working in partnership
with stakeholders in the problem solving process. This structure will help in building
effective partnerships and as always we welcome input, feedback and support from our
College Station Police Beats
Shadowcrest HOA is in Sector C, Beat 70
Our restrictions do not allow for approval unless necessary permits are
obtained in certain cases.  For more information on Permits click
anywhere in this area to go to the City of College Station website.
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All the Shadowcrest HOA members are encouraged to enjoy the pool.  For a party, notify the
board by using the "Contact Us"  page link above.  This will not however grant exclusive use
of the pool for your group.

You should accompany any non member guests at the pool at all times.

Unaccompanied non members will be asked to leave the premises.

Gate cards given to non-members for unaccompanied use will be deactivated.

Shadowcrest Pool Hours
6 AM  to 10 PM
Contact the Board using the "contact us" page to schedule
a party.
Pool Rules
Pool is Closed as of October 31 is the new way to communicate anything with anyone in
Shadowcrest.  If you have not joined you probably don't know what is going on in
Shadowcrest!  Join Now.  The more members we have the more secure we can be.
It's How We
Still need a proximity card for the pool gate?
Contact Admail
427 Dellwood St, Bryan, TX 77801
(979) 779-7788
Obtain Cards at their Office
Bring photo ID
Pool is open April 1st - October 31st
                         Notice of Annual Meeting
              Shadowcrest Homeowners' Association

The current Board of Directors called a meeting of the Shadowcrest Homeowners'
Association to be held on M
onday, September 10, 2018, at the Holy Cross
Lutheran Church Located at 1200 Foxfire Drive in College Station, TX

The meeting will start at 7:00pm with refreshments and social time, and then
several great speakers from The City of College Station and the College Station
Association of Neighborhoods. Several members of the HOA board will also
address the group.
Final business to be conducted at this meeting is the election of
a new Board of Directors.  Other Association business will also addressed.

If you are interested in filling a vacant position and serving on the Shadowcrest
HOA Board of Directors, you may contact us using the "Contact Us" page on this