Date of application:  _______________________________________

Note: architectural review committee has 30 days from when the
committee receives your application to review and approve/deny/approve with modification your request
Application should be sent  to:

Architectural Review  Committee
Shadowcrest Homeowner’s Association
c/o  Admail Assoc Services
427 Dellwood St.
Bryan, TX  77801-2524
   Name                ____________________________________
   Telephone        ____________________________________
   e-mail                ____________________________________

Street Address for proposed construction:

Legal Address:
   Woodcreek Phase________Block_________Lot_______

Type of Construction:  Check all that apply

_____        Building Addition
_____        Garage/ Porte Cochere
                  (note: carports are not allowed)
_____        Walkway or patio cover
_____        Fence
_____        Arbor/ trellis
_____        Change in color, type of exterior materials
_____        Sidewalk, driveway or patio construction
_____        Exterior temporary structures
_____        Other

Note:  Review of submittals by the Architectural Review Committee does not imply or represent that the
proposed improvement, if constructed in accordance with the submitted plans and specifications, will result in
a properly designed and constructed improvement or that it will meet all applicable building codes,
governmental or agency requirements.  The association, design review committee and board of directors
shall not be responsible or liable for any defects in plans submitted or approved nor for any loss or damage
arising from the noncompliance of such plans with any governmental ordinance and regulation or any defect
in construction.


   Site plan of lot showing  property lines, setback lines, utility and
   drainage easements: Scale 1/8” = 1’-0” or larger
   including the following:

1.        Location of  proposed improvements, structures, patios,
   mailboxes, swimming pools, hot tubs, driveways, parking
   areas and structures, fences and walls.

2.        Drainage provisions shall be included as well as cut and fill
   details if any appreciable change in the Estate contour is

3.        Exterior elevations of all proposed buildings and structures, including
   vertical dimension of new construction and existing construction
   adjacent to that proposed

4.        Description and/or sample of exterior materials and colors

5.        Depiction of all walkways, fences and walls and elevation changes
   including dimensioned height of fences and walls.
   Include description and/or sample of all paving and fence/wall

6.        Parking area and driveway plans

7.        Screening including size, location and method

8.        Dimensioned floor plan of all enclosed spaces including dwelling
   areas and any garages or parking facilities

9.        Such other matters as may be required by the then applicable zoning
   or building codes of the City of College Station, Texas or any other
   municipal or governmental authority having jurisdiction over the

10.        Plan showing the location and screening of all exterior utility meters,
   transformers and other mechanical equipment.

11.        Any other data requested by the Architectural Review Committee

A copy of any permit required for construction by the City of College must be
submitted to the Architectural Review Committee prior to commencement of construction, including, but not
limited to, building permit, electrical permit or plumbing permit.